Learn To Mix: How To Mix Kicks With 808s

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Welcome to another installment of Learn To Mix.

In this video, we will teach you how to mix your kick and 808 together properly so they sound great individually, and together.

In the past decade or so, 808’s have made a huge comeback into mainstream music. You’re likely to hear 808 bass in most pop, hip hop, edm, and r&b music whenever you turn on the radio.

This mainstream appeal has given today’s producers and engineers an urge to learn how to mix 808 bass with their kicks. In fact, because the relationship between kick and bass plays such a crucial role in the overall vibe and feel to a track, it is extremely important for producers and mixers to learn how the two sounds are mixed with one another.

The problem though, is that a VERY large amount of online tutorials on this subject are inaccurate, misleading, and just plain harmful to its consumers. Many of these tutorials either make generalizations about carelessly boosting low end, demonstrate improper usage of plugins, or are taught by people who are simply relaying information they learned from another inaccurate tutorial.

In our video, we will teach you how to mix your kick and 808 using EQ, compression, side chaining, distortion, transient design, among other techniques. We will dive into our toolbox and tell you which plugins and effects we prefer to use, and explain how they work. Using our example, we will let you hear how our mix sounds before and after processing is applied.

Don’t forget though, a great mix always begins with great sounds! So be sure to check out our Ultimate 808’s Kit, which contains nearly 600 amazing sounding 808s of every kind imaginable.

And if you need kicks to go along with those 808’s check out our Ultimate Kicks kit, containing over 500 Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, and Live/Rock kicks.

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